Healthy ecosystems in a changing world
Sustainable Inland Fisheries is a Nature Research Centre scientific project funded by the Lithuanian Research Council. Our mission is to help improve ecosystem health and fisheries management in the inland waters of Lithuania and elsewhere. Inland ecosystems are important for recreation, subsistence fishing, biodiversity and essential ecological services. Our team is developing simple tools for fisheries management and understanding of inland ecosystems now and into the future. We use modern, open science approaches that harness the power of citizen science and facilitate effective science communication.

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Assessing recreational fishing effort and catches in Lithuania

Catch-release fishing: How to release caught fish safely

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Recreational fishing, citizen science and machine learning tools
This project is funded by the European Regional Development fund (measure Nr. 01.2.2-LMT-K-718), project "Advanced models, citizen science and big data for sustainable food production and ecological services of inland aquatic ecosystems“

Sustainable Inland Fisheries

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